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bioFila PlaTec - 2.85mm - 750g spool

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Now we can present bioFila PlaTec , a biodegradable biopolymer compound out of renewable raw-materials with extraordinary technical features:

·         softening temperature of 120°C

·         tensile stress of 44 N/mm2

·         modulus of elasticity in tension of 2600 MPa

·         tensile stress at break of 24 N/mm2

·         tensile strain at break of 97%

ABS is still the preferred material for makers who demands solidity and heat resistance.

But now PlaTecTM is born!

With this new material, you dont need a heat bed, you dont need a printer with housing and you print with much lower temperatures. (PlaTec 190°C vs. ABS 230°C)

There is no warping on this material and after printing you can sand, polish or paint the print without any problems.