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bioFila Silk Filament - 2.85mm - 750g spool

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The bioFila is 100% biodegradable and made from renewable raw-materials, so when you throw it in a landfill or soil it will ultimately break down. What makes the bioFila different from the existing materials is its hardness and charpy values, which are much higher than the others. These high-strength material offers new possibilities for the design of parts, which requires higher resistance against stress and pressure.

bioFila® Silk features a soft, shiny, noble look, and mimics the aspects you would find in silk, hence the name. It requires an extruder temperature of 165 200°C / 329-392°F, and hot-bed temperature of 90°C / 194°F. It can print reliably at speeds of 20mm/s.

The bioFila silk is a blend of different biopolymers with a silky look. With this material you can realize an impressive, noble look of your products, for example vases or lamps.

A filament with a unique silken surface and incomparable look and feel.

Recommended Hot-End Temperature: 170-195 °C
Recommended Heatbed Temperature: 55 °C
Speed: > 30mm/s