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XYZprinting Da Vinci PVA Water Soluble - 600g - Nature

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Compatible Model da Vinci 2.0 Duo

The water-soluble Water-soluble filaments act are the perfect support materials for your 3D prints. When printing is complete, immerse your object in clean water below 50° C (104° F) for 4-8 hours to completely dissolve the Water-soluble filament. No more time wasted on taking off your supports! Water-soluble filament is a perfect support material for complex PLA prints.

XYZprintings water soluble filaments make for the perfect support material during 3D printing. Just place the printed object in clean water with a little bit of baking soda to hasten the dissolution. Then, after taking your object out of the water bath, remove the support material with ease!

The perfect tool to counter gravity
Water-soluble filament is a low temperature water-soluble material often used as support material in dual nozzle printing. Water-soluble are most often used with PLA filaments and share similar useage conditions.

* Due to the water-soluble filaments powerful water nature, please take extra care when storing material. Moistening of water soluable filament will cause the filament to expand and loosen, rendering your filament unsuitable for printing. l We recommend using Water-soluble and PLA filaments together when 3D printing.
* We recommend using Water-soluble and PLA filaments together when 3D printing.
* Moisture-proof boxes and desiccants are the perfect tools to keep your Water Soluble Filament in tip-top condition.