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Meltio F600 Pro 3D Printer

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Meltio F600 Pro

Medium-size industrial FFF 3D printer with dual extrusion

Large size and high definition

Take a leap forward from traditional desktop 3D printers with Meltio F600, our entry level solution for large format industrial FFF 3D printing. From small and fast models with well refined details to large pieces, with a build envelope of 580x400x500 mm and interchangeable nozzles from 0.2 to 0.8 mm, for different quality and finishing choices.




Variety of materials

Guaranteed printing experience with Meltio F600 for standard materials with tested printing profiles: PLA, JCR Print, FLEX – TPU and PVA.

Easy manufacturing with the most complex and technical materials that you could choose (open material), with JCR 600 Pro: PC, ABS, Nylon, CFR Nylon, ABS medical, ABS HI, Flex, JCR Print, PVA, PLA…

The built-in material chamber allows keeping constant temperature and humidity levels, for preserving physical and mechanical properties of the filament, for ultimately getting better printing results.

Smart software

Meltio F600 software controls several parameters for making the most of your 3D printing experience, including detection of end of filament, under extrusion, obstruction of filament, detection of collision or bad positioning of axes during the printing and automatic calibration of extruders. The software automatically verifies and repairs the STL file, if it detects flaws. Besides, it verifies the configuration of the G-Code file and its compatibility with the printer, by checking parameters.

  F600 F600 Pro
Extrusion system Dual extruder with 2 commodity extruders (up to 230ºC) Dual extruder with 2 commodity extruders (up to 245ºC) and two high temp extruders (up to 500ºC).
Maximum extruder temperature 230ºC 250ºC
Maximum plate temperature 55ºC 130ºC
Maximum cabin temperature 45ºC 70ºC
Build materials
PLA3D850 X X
Supported materials