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About us J-Supplied

About J-Supplied:

We are a supplier of 3D printers, parts and accessories, specialising in providing everything
required for businesses and educational institutions to recognise the full potential of 3D
printing. Our comprehensive range of 3D printers and impartial, expert advice ensures that
our customers find the best printer for their unique needs. We also supply everything needed
to fully integrate 3D printing, including 3D scanners, parts, accessories, consumables, training
packages and ongoing technical support.

What We Offer:

• A range of 3D printers (including commercial grade machines) to suit all needs from
brands such as Meltio, Intamsys, Creatbot, Makerbot and Zortrax. Our technical
support team is on hand to offer impartial advice and recommend the best machines
for each individual customer.
• An extensive range of parts, accessories and consumables.
• A range of professional 3D scanners to expand the possibilities of 3D further,
including reverse engineer products that are no longer in production.
• A fully comprehensive training course to upskill your entire workforce and leave them
confident in setting up, maintaining and using your 3D printer. Experienced in
delivering training to schools and businesses, we have developed a training scheme
which covers all aspects of getting started with 3D printing using filament. Each
course is tailored to your specific 3D printer and the needs and prior knowledge of
your staff.