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Training Courses


3D Printer Training for your School or Business


Do you want to introduce 3D printing to your business but feel unsure about where to start?

Are you looking to buy a 3D printer for your school or education setting and ensure that your staff are confident enough to incorporate it in their teaching?


Are you struggling to achieve the desired results with your 3D printer?

J-supplied Ltd are delighted to be teaming up with our friends at 3D Print Cornwall to provide a fully comprehensive training package to upskill your entire workforce. Experienced in delivering training to schools and businesses, 3D Print Cornwall have developed a training scheme which covers all aspects of getting started with 3D printing using filament, tailored to the needs of your staff and 3D printer.
Contact us for exclusive discounts when combining a training package with the purchase of your new 3D printer. To get the best value for money, request a free, no obligation quote for a complete starter package.